October Gardening Tips

With Autumn now here, there are plenty of jobs you can be getting on with to clear up after your summer plants have finished. Now is the ideal time to get everything ready for a colourful spring next year too.

  • Trees and shrubs can be planted. Be sure to keep them well watered, even through the winter (snow permitting)
  • Now is the time to plant tulip bulbs.
  • Use Autumn bedding such as pansies and violas to plant up pots and planters to add some colour.
  • New perennials and climbers can be planted now too.
  • Force bulbs to flower in time for Christmas. E.g. hyacinths.
  • Keep houseplants drier to slow down growth during the winter.
  • Get that garden cleared, burn any diseased debris and compost the rest.
  • Clean and put away empty containers and garden ornaments.
  • Rake up the fallen leaves and keep for compost or leaf mould.
  • Hardwood cuttings can be taken.
  • Sow herb seeds such as parsley, dill and coriander in pots to harvest from the windowsill during the winter.
  • Continue harvesting fall crops like beets, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, kale and leeks.
  • Rhubarb can be lifted and divided as necessary.
  • Protect late crops of salad, carrots and courgettes with fleece.
  • Remove green tomatoes from plants.