Every gardener knows that for best results, you need to give your plants the best possible start.

You’ll find everything from farmyard manure to organic and peat free compost at Bellis Brothers along with specialist composts for different types of plant and bark chippings for mulching.

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Peat policy

We share the concerns of the government, horticulture industry and gardeners towards the effect of peat extraction on peat bog habitats.

We have expanded our range of peat free compost and now stock an all plant compost, tomato grow bags and vegetable compost.

We only sell growing medium products from responsible and reputable companies. Our suppliers have improved the labelling and information on their packaging with regards to peat content, enabling our customers to make informed decisions when purchasing compost.

At the current time there is a shortage of reliable alternative raw materials to replace peat but we are committed to;

Speaking to our growing media suppliers about the availability of peat free or reduced peat alternatives.
Speaking to our plant suppliers about reducing / removing the peat content from their products.
Following government guidelines related to the use of peat-based products.

We are optimistic that compost manufacturers, nurseries and retailers can work together in the future to significantly reduce the amount of peat used in horticulture in the UK.