Environmental and Social Responsibility

Protecting the future…

In recent years, awareness of environmental and sustainability issues has grown, with people and companies recognising the importance of good environmental management. Here at Bellis’ we have made a start to improve our Environmental Footprint which is a step in the right direction. We are committed to a continuous process of development and want our business to function and grow in an environmentally sustainable manner.

Below are some of the areas we have made a step in the right direction;

Water efficiency & energy conservation

  • As a business we try to limit the amount of water we use and offer a range of products for you to save water and limit your use.
  • Our employees are encouraged to turn off lights and electrical equipment when they are not required.
  • Timers and thermostats are installed to prevent the waste of resources.
  • All lightbulbs on the premises have been changed to LEDs which are 80% more efficient than traditional lighting.
  • We have introduced eight EV car charging points in our car park for our customers to use.
Water efficiency & energy conservationWater efficiency & energy conservation

Locally Sourced Produce

  • We source produce from local suppliers where possible, reducing air pollutions and supporting local growers and producers. In our Farm Shop our local produce is celebrated by showing its distance from source to our site.
  • We have a working market gardening farm next to the shop and we sell our homegrown seasonal fruit and vegetables in the farm shop. From field to shop with zero food miles!
  • Our Strawberry Fields Restaurant uses our homegrown seasonal fruit and vegetables in the food they prepare as much as possible.
  • We open our fields for seasonal pick your own. In the summer months customers visit to pick our fruit and in the autumn for pumpkins.
Local honey

Recycling & waste management

  • Over 96% of our company waste is recycled.
  • We sell compost bins to allow our customers increase their recycling potential.
  • We have reduced the use of our plastic bags at the tills considerably by introducing a charge and all bags are now biodegradable.
  • Each year we make a donation to an environmental charity from the profit from the plastic bag charge. In recent years our chosen charity has been Holt Community Gardeners.
  • We have introduced the use of paper bags in our fruit and vegetable department in the farm shop.
  • In the restaurant our coffee cups and lids are biodegradable. We also use biodegradable straws and recyclable sandwich containers.
  • Refillable water jars are present to reduce people buying single use plastic water bottles.
  • At the tills we provide cardboard boxes from our deliveries for customers to re-use.
  • We have sourced a range of ‘Bio Based Growing Pots’ which are 80% recycled plastic and 100% recyclable.

Timber sourcing

  • All of our wooden furniture uses timber sourced from sustainably managed forests, where the wood is extracted with minimal environmental impact.


  • In 2021 we planted 10,000 mixed hedge plants stretching 2.5 kilometres around our fields. In 2023 we planted an additional 650 metres of native hedging. This will increase the biodiversity on our farm. We also have bird boxes outside in the Garden Centre.

Social responsibility

As a business we think it is important to give back to our community.

  • For over fifteen years we have worked closely with Nightingale House Hospice, Wrexham. We have raised over one hundred and fifty thousand pounds for this wonderful charity.
  • We also support our local schools, churches and local charities where possible.
  • We regularly have charities instore to raise awareness and / or much needed funds for their wonderful causes e.g. RSPB, Woodland Trust, The Country Trust, and Vision Support.
  • We hold a weekly coffee morning for our senior customers with the aim of them making new friends, this is in association with Age Connect.
  • We work closely with the Country Trust Charity by offering educational farm visits for children.

Please see the community page on our website for further information.

Peat policy

We share the concerns of the government, horticulture industry and gardeners towards the effect of peat extraction on peat bog habitats.

We have expanded our range of peat free compost and only sell growing medium products from reputable companies. Our suppliers have improved the labelling and information on their packaging with regards to peat content, enabling our customers to make informed decisions when purchasing compost.

At the current time there is a shortage of reliable alternative raw materials to replace peat but we are committed to;

Speaking to our growing media suppliers about the availability of peat free or reduced peat alternatives.

Speaking to our plant suppliers about reducing / removing the peat content from their products.

Following government guidelines related to the use of peat-based products.

We are optimistic that compost manufacturers, nurseries and retailers can work together in the future to significantly reduce the amount of peat used in horticulture in the UK.