Summer Pick Your Own

We look forward to welcoming you to our fields this summer.

We hope to be open sometime in June 2024, the exact opening date will depend on when our fruit is ripe.

What’s available to pick throughout the season?

Table top strawberries, raspberries, blackcurrants, redcurrants, rhubarb, peas and beans.

Please note that we have had to plant new gooseberry bushes this year, which means that they won’t be ready for picking this summer. They will be ready for the summer of 2024. However peas and beans are making a comeback for 2023 picking.

Fruit Calendar

Fruit Calendar

Table Top Strawberries

Table Top Strawberries

In recent years we have moved over to table top strawberries from field grown. This is the way the majority of fruit growers now operate as it gives us greater control over the fruit and reduces our reliance upon the weather (which is becoming increasingly unpredictable). The fruit is much easier to pick as you don’t have to bend down, it is child friendly and easier for people with mobility issues. It will also extend our Pick Your Own season into the summer holidays!

How does it work?

Please take your car down to the Pick Your Own car park (not the main Garden Centre car park). Collect a container at the Pick Your Own Hut and head into the fields. Follow the signs that will direct you to the areas of best picking. You then pick the produce yourself. When you have finished simply make your way to pay for the fruit you have picked. You pay by weight for the produce (please note this is the gross weight of the produce and contains the price of the container). Then take your produce home and give it a wash before enjoying it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a pram or wheelchair to the fruit fields?
The tracks to the fields can be quite muddy, but most sturdy prams and wheelchairs can access the edge of the fields in dry conditions.

How much can I pick?
You can pick as much or as little as you like but you are expected to pay for all produce picked.

What should I wear?
We advise that you wear sturdy shoes in dry conditions and wellington boots when it is wet and muddy. Some fields do have some weeds in them and so we suggest small children wear trousers to protect their legs.

Can I bring dogs?
We do not allow dogs on to the pick your own fields. However, dogs are allowed to be walked on leads on the grass PYO car park field.

When should I visit?
Our busiest times are the weekends so if you can visit during the week it will be quieter. We advise you to check our ‘Availability List’ on our website before coming, this will show you what is available to pick.

Do you take cards?
Yes we can take card payments, however cash is sometimes quicker!

Do you have a cafe onsite?
We don’t have a café down the pick your own fields. However, you can visit our Strawberry Fields Restaurant in the main Garden Centre which is on the same site. In the pick your own hut we do sell a small selection of cold drinks and snacks. We will also have a catering trailer down the pick your own fields on some weekends selling drinks and cold food.

Can I bring a picnic?
Yes! Picnic tables are provided near the car park.

I am worried about over picking, what should I do?
Please ask a member of staff beforehand for a cost estimate of what your container will hold.

Do you have toilets?
We have toilets near the Pick Your Own fields. The toilets are at the garden centre (a short drive away) and include a disabled toilet and baby change facilities.

Do I need to wash the fruit before eating?
Yes we advise you to wash all produce before eating it.

In October we open our fields for Pick Your Own Pumpkins.

The History of the Bellis Berry’

Ever since Charles Bellis planted his first strawberry plant ‘Black Prince’ here in Holt in 1860 we have been well known for our strawberries. We first opened our fields for ‘Pick Your Own’ Strawberries in 1967 and since then more crops have been made available. Pick Your Own’ at Bellis’ is a popular way to enjoy the soft fruits of Summer while spending a few quiet hours in the beautiful Welsh countryside.

Read more about our history.

Weather At Bellis’ Right Now

Jam Making

We have a wonderful range of jam making equipment from Kilner. From preserving pans to jam jar labels, we have everything you need to get you started on the road to making your own jam.

Try our fabulous Strawberry Recipes

When you have picked all the Bellis Strawberries you want, why not try one of our fabulous recipes that have been passed down within our family:

Strawberry jam
Strawberry fizz drink
Baked strawberry cheesecake
Chilled strawberry soup