News From The Farm September 2023

We have plenty of homegrown vegetables available in the Farm Shop currently including cabbages, kohlrabi and cauliflower. We hope to have our new season potatoes this month too.

The main potato harvesting will start soon. Onions should all be lifted then dried out and placed in the store. Towards the end of this month we should be selling our onions and potatoes by the sack, this is an excellent way of saving money by buying in bulk.

Pumpkins are all growing really well, all this rain has certainly helped. We have a few new varieties for this year too! The Maize Maze is getting taller and will be ready for when our Pick Your Own Pumpkins open.

Sprouts are looking good and will definitely be ready for your perfect Christmas lunch.

Over the next couple of months the Farm team will be focusing on harvesting and grading the crops that are ready. A busy time for them!