December Gardening Tips

December is a quiet month in the gardening calendar. If it is a dry sunny day there is always plenty of digging and preparation to be done ready for next year.

  • Your garden could also be a great source for festive decorations, holly, ivy, seed heads basically anything that would look good in your own hand made Christmas decoration.
  • Plants and pots need protecting from frost damage this time of year. They can be protected by placing inside or wrapping in horticultural fleece.
  • You can still plant up a winter pot to add some colour to your patio.
  • Work can continue on the borders, removing dead foliage and debris and cutting back overgrown plants.
  • Mulches will need to be topped up around the base of your trees after heavy winter rain.
  • A thick layer of farmyard manure should be spread around the base of fruit trees.
  • Finish planting bare root roses.
  • Winter is a great time to plant new fruit trees, bushes and cane fruits as long as the ground is not frozen. Plant while still dormant, before the end of February.
  • Clean your houseplants regularly to keep free of dust and water sparingly.
  • Your favourite fruit such as currants and gooseberries can be propagated by taking hardwood cuttings.
  • Don’t forget to feed the birds!