August Gardening Tips

Pots, containers and vegetables all still need watering and harvest crops as soon as they are ready.

  • Water wisely – consider using a water butt to collect rainwater.
  • All new plants need to be monitored and ensure they are watered regularly especially if the weather is dry.
  • Take cuttings now from shrubs & roses.
  • Cut back flowers on faded ladies mantle.
  • Sow hardy annuals for early flowers next year.
  • Ensure herbaceous plants such as dahlias are well supported.
  • Deadhead buddleia, grow coleus and enjoy allium seedheads.
  • Save seeds from your favourite flowers, such as aquilegias and foxgloves.
  • Late summer flowering shrubs can be pruned once they have finished flowering.
  • Onions can now be lifted and put to dry on rack.
  • New strawberry plants can be propagated now by selecting runners.
  • Continue spraying potatoes and tomatoes with fungicide to protect from blight.
  • Salad plants need to be protected from snails and slugs.

Barbeque, sunbathe, read the paper or a good novel, invite friends, and enjoy a glass of pimms. Summer gardening at its best!