September Farm News 2013

PYO has now closed for another year although we still have some ever bearer strawberries being picked which are for sale in our Farm Shop. There is also an excellent crop of pears this year which will be ready very soon. The onions are all out and drying and should be ready at the end of the month. We now have white ‘Marfona’ potatoes in 12.7kg sacks available in the shop, there will be about a month’s wait for the Picasso and Mozart. Carrots are almost ready too!

We have plenty of our own grown cabbages, broccoli and caulis to keep us going for the next few months. Sprouts are looking good but won’t be ready for another couple of months yet. We have just cut a very early pumpkin and only the one, it is very rare to have one ready this early on but then again we have had a very unusually warm summer this year! We are hoping to offer a PYO Pumpkin option this year from the field on Saturday 26th October from 9.30am until 3.30pm this will be subject to weather conditions and wellies will most certainly be required.

There are still plenty of our own grown marrows and courgettes available, squashes will be available at a similar time to the pumpkins.
We have started pruning the raspberries and tidying up around the fruit fields getting ready for next year’s crop.

Our resident swallows are now on their third lot of young so doesn’t like they will migrate any time soon.

Our team of summer PYO staff will shortly be finishing and we wish them well and thank them for all their hard work.