September 2019 News From The Farm

We have Hispi, Summer and Savoy cabbages, broccoli and new season Marfona potatoes available in the Farm Shop at the moment. There will be some cauliflowers coming through soon and the pumpkins and sprouts are growing well.

The main potato harvesting has started early this year we have already lifted some of the Marfona variety. Onions are currently drying and will be placed in the store ready for sale soon. Towards the end of this month we should be selling our onions and potatoes by the sack, this is an excellent way of saving money by buying in bulk.

The Maize Maze has been another great success this summer. We will now be getting it ready for Halloween. Our Pick Your Own Pumpkins and Spooky Maize Maze will be opening on the 19 October 2019.

Over the next couple of months the farm team will be focusing on harvesting and grading the crops that are ready. A busy time for them!

We were sorry to see one of our Farm team leave at the end of last month. Thanks Hu, we wish you every success with your new position.