October News from the Farm

Pumpkins are looking good and ripening nicely. They will be available in the shop mid October.

Potatoes will be harvested and put into store to protect from frost. Sprouts are starting to appear and although very small they are growing nicely and will be ready soon. Savoy, red, white and spring cabbages are all ready now. Cauliflower and broccoli will continue to be harvested until the first hard frost arrives.

A crop of mustard is being grown which is to be chopped up and ploughed into the soil where next years strawberry plants will be planted. It acts as a bio fumigant and helps to provide natural control of soil borne pests and diseases, by releasing a natural gas into the soil.

The holly is coming along nicely and there should be a bumper crop in time for Christmas!

Winter corn will be sown by the end of October ready for next years harvest. The grassland around the farm will have its last cut and will be left now until the spring.

A harvest mouse nest was recently found in the raspberry prunings so it was a given a wide berth to allow the family to mature and vacate!

We have just said goodbye to the last of the summer students who have been picking for us on the farm as they all head back off to college.