November 2014 News From The Farm

Farmer JimWe had a very successful Pick Your Own pumpkin weekend at the end of October and are considering opening for the full week next year.

The Autumn harvesting is all completed so we are settling into the winter routine of grading potatoes and onions out of the store to ensure a good supply over the winter months.

We are harvesting carrots and picking sprouts and cabbage. At the moment we have several varieties of cabbage including tundra, spring, savoy, white and red. Cauliflowers are still available but won’t be for long as with the broccoli the season has and will finish earlier than normal due to the unseasonably warm weather.

It is a little early to start just yet but we will soon be ploughing the fields ready for next year’s crops.

The forage maize has all been harvested from our tenanted fields.

The Christmas sprouts are growing nicely and will be ready just in time to accompany your festive dinner.

When we have a spare moment during this time of year we continue with hedge trimming and general field maintenance.
The squirrels have been very active storing lots of food away this Autumn – perhaps they know something we don’t!