News From The Farm September 2021

We have Hispi, Summer, White, Red and Savoy cabbages, and cauliflowers available in the Farm Shop at the moment. Our next crop of Broccoli is not quite ready yet but should be available a little later on in the month, we also hope to have new season Marfona potatoes in then too.

The main potato harvesting will start soon. Onions will also be lifted this month then dried out and placed in the store. Towards the end of this month we should be selling our onions and potatoes by the sack, this is an excellent way of saving money by buying in bulk.

Pumpkins and sprouts are growing well out in the fields.

Unfortunately we weren’t able to open our Maize Maze this summer but we are getting it all ready for October when our Pick Your Own Pumpkins open.

Over the next couple of months the farm team will be focusing on harvesting and grading the crops that are ready. A busy time for them!

After a very successful tabletop strawberry PYO season. Preparation work has started on the construction of more tabletop fixtures, we will have double the size of tabletop strawberries for next year.