News From The Farm May 2023

Our homegrown delicious asparagus is ready and available in the Farm Shop now, it was a little late this year due to the colder weather we had in April.

After a fairly mild winter, spring is moving along nicely now with lots of wildlife activity in our newly planted hedging and all the trees are blooming.

This is our main planting season now and the Farm team are really busy.

The onions and carrots have been sown. The first two crops of cauliflowers, cabbage and broccoli have also been planted and the third crop will soon be done too. Main crop potatoes have been planted and the maize maze will be planted this month along with the pumpkins.

Strawberries are nearly all planted and growing well on the table tops. We will be opening the Pick Your Own sometime next month. We will keep you posted on our website and social media pages.