News From The Farm March 2021

We have been busy planting our 10,000 mixed hedge plants stretching 2.5 kilometres around our fields, with the help of local business Bodfari Environmental.

This is a quiet time of year for the Farm and availability of our homegrown produce. It will be another month or so before our delicious asparagus will be ready!

Now that the rain has finally stopped (for now anyway) and once we can get back on the land we will be able to make a start planting carrots, cauliflowers, cabbage and possibly even potatoes this month. We will also be sowing the onion seeds.

We have been busy installing new table top strawberries and raspberries in pots ready for the 2021 season, this will increase yield make the season longer, save water and reduce labour needed for picking.

There are signs of growth on our rhubarb plants but not much else showing signs of life just yet.

The only positive of the heavy rain is that we are back on top of machinery maintenance and jobs around the farm. Preparation for the busy planting season is hard whilst we wait for a break in the weather.