News From The Farm June 2020

Hot Hot Hot!

The hottest Spring on record and don’t we know it! Irrigation has already started on some of our new plants, they need so much water when they are first planted out. Hopefully there will be some rain soon.

The first of our strawberries from the polytunnel are available to buy from the Farm Shop. Due to all the lovely sunshine in April and May the field strawberries maybe ready early this time. We are still awaiting confirmation about whether we are able to open the Pick Your Own this year. If we are it will be announced on our website and Facebook page. The gooseberry crop looks promising but got badly damaged in recent high winds, hopefully they should be ready mid June. Raspberries will be a little later, probably early July.

The asparagus and rhubarb will finish soon. Cauliflowers finished a little earlier than normal this time. There will then be quite a gap before the Summer crops are ready. Potatoes, onions and carrots are growing well but they are a long way off being ready.

Pumpkin plants have been planted out now ready for October harvest.

The maize maze has also now been planted.