May Farm News

Crop growth was almost a month ahead in March and now with all the recent cold, dry and then wet weather it has almost levelled out making us just a little behind.

We are continuing to plant out the brassicas. Brussell sprouts should be ready to plant at the end of this month. Asparagus likes a minimum overnight temperature of 12 degrees centigrade but the average temperature for April has been about 6! This means that our Asparagus is not growing very much and we could definitely do with some more sun.

The recent rain has been very welcome and we have not had to start any irrigation systems yet.
The early varieties of strawberries are just coming into flower and we will start straw laying in the middle of this month. The gooseberries and red and black currants are all flowering, so we don’t want any night frosts over the next 10 days.

Onions have germinated but are having to compete with a flush of weed growth due to the wet weather.Potatoes are all planted and should start to emerge in the next week or so.
Whilst picking Asparagus this morning there was a skylark up above me singing his heart out. Things are looking up as we didn’t see many last year!