May Farm News

Things are still running about 3 weeks behind as far as crop growth goes, there is movement on the Asparagus fields but the season has definitely started later. We are not expecting an early start to the strawberry season but they could end up running a little later than they normally do.

The main problem with all the growing is the much lower than normal soil temperature, we had some lovely early cauliflowers in the farm shop in April but they were so much smaller than normal, fortunately still just as tasty.
Gooseberries have plenty of green leaves showing and the straw laying around the strawberries will start this month.

We will be planting two tunnels of the table top strawberries so they will ready to pick in August.

One of our varieties of strawberries which are planted out in May will be ready to pick 60 days later. Hence the name ’60 day later plant’.

Rhubarb will also be ready to sell in the farm shop shortly.

We will continue to plant successive crops of cauliflowers, cabbages and broccoli ready for harvest in September. We will also be sowing the carrots ready for the autumn.