May 2014 News from the farm

AsparagusOur very popular homegrown asparagus is ready. This year’s crop looks like it is going to be a good one with perfect growing conditions. Rhubarb is in plentiful supply, we will soon mow off some of the rhubarb to allow for a second crop which will be available in the summer months. Our over winter cauliflowers will soon be coming to an end; the next crop will be available in July some time.

The early varieties of strawberries are already in full flower which hopefully means we will have an early start to the season. We are also planting new strawberry plants which will be ready for next year’s crops.

Gooseberries have set a good crop of berries which should be ready for picking in early June. The raspberries are just coming into flower. Our second batch of brassica plants were planted last week with a welcome soaking from the rain to help settle them in. The potatoes have all been planted out now too.

With these perfect growing conditions comes increased risk of pests and disease to our crops. We will have to take appropriate measures to control them.

Two fledgling skylarks were found nesting amongst the strawberry plants. All of the birds around the farm seem to rushing around trying to feed their young.

We are delighted to welcome Joe to our farm team. He completed his agricultural training at Reaseheath College in Nantwich and is already a very skilled tractor driver.