March 2018 News From The Farm

The onions from last year are now finished and we have a few pallets of potatoes left in the store. We still have plenty of January King, Savoy, Red and Tundra cabbages, but the White cabbage are starting to deplete now. They will finish some time this month.

If the soil dries out and warms up enough we will be able to start planting cauliflowers, cabbage and possibly even potatoes at the end of the month. We will also be sowing the onion seeds and putting in the strawberries for the 2019 season.

In the next month or so our purple sprouting broccoli should be ready along with cauliflowers and asparagus.

The pruning and tying in of all the bush fruit is now finished.

There are signs of growth on our rhubarb plants but not much else showing signs of life just yet.

Both the wildlife and farm staff are looking forward to some warm, dry and sunny weather.