March 2016 News From The Farm

GooseberriesLast months gooseberry planting has been delayed because of the wet weather. Fortunately the majority of the spring planting is not due for another few weeks yet. We may start planting strawberries in the field at the end of this month if it is warm enough. We will also be looking for signs of growth from the rhubarb.

The pruning of the fruits is nearly finished, we have pruned the blackcurrant severely this year to encourage vigorous new growth as they are quite old bushes.

Due to the weather the purple sprouting broccoli and cauliflower are maturing slowly at the moment.

We have recently taken delivery of a lot of new irrigation equipment so that when crops need water we can apply it quickly.

Wildlife and Farm staff are all looking forward to some warm and sunny weather.

Thanks to Joe Collins for his contribution during the last two years on the farm and we wish him luck in his new venture as head tractor driver on a large farm in Cambridge.