March 2013 Farm News

We have finally been able to make a start on our winter ploughing, so we will hopefully be able to catch up a little now. While Jim was out ploughing today in the Goose meadow, the seagulls were following behind in the hope of finding some tasty morsels. This field is being prepped for the planting of more strawberries which will be part of next year’s crop.

Seed potatoes are starting to come from Scotland and Holland, planting will commence in 2-3 weeks. The first of this year’s table top strawberry plants will also be put in next week. They will be ready for picking in mid-June.

Farm Manager Jim and Simon are off to Northop College for an Agricultural course – they like to keep on top of their knowledge and training within the industry.

We will finish picking the last of the Brussel Sprouts this week, still plenty of cabbages available including White, Red, Savoys, January Kings and Tundra.

We are still pruning around the farm, preparing for the new spring growth.
Winter corn is still looking very weak but unlike many other growers ours has survived the winter. As soon as it starts to warm up it should start shooting away!

We have just been repairing one of the main drains which takes surface water away from the farm; this was 8ft deep into the ground and to think that when it was first put in 150 years ago it was done by hand with no machinery at all!