July News from the Farm

Strawberries are now starting to wind down and will be finishing the second or third week of July. As each variety ends we mow all the leaves to encourage healthy new growth.

We are now starting to cut our own grown cauliflowers, broccoli, spring and summer cabbages. Zero food miles and the freshest you can get!

We are continually planting new cauliflower and cabbages to ensure a fresh and continued supply.

Our own grown potatoes will be ready towards the end of July.

When all of the raspberries have been picked the old canes are cut out to leave room for the new ones to grow through.

Most of the fruit bushes on the farm are left until the winter before they are pruned as it makes it easier once the leaves have thinned.

Corn crops that are grown by our tenants are approaching harvest and the winter barley should be cut before the end of July.

Forage maize crops are all looking much healthier after the recent rainfall.