July 2014 News From The Farm

Strawberry punnetsPick your own is in full swing with all crops available. The strawberry varieties this year include – Christine, Eros, Pegasus, Fenella, Cupid, Florence, Amelia, Symphony, Serenity, Darselect and Malwina.

The season did start early for us this year but we hope to be still picking strawberries until the end of July. This is partly due to a new late variety of plant called Malwina.

The raspberry crop is growing well but will need some rain or irrigation to help release their full potential.

Other crops which will be available from the farm shop are Spring, Summer and Savoy cabbages and broccoli. Cauliflowers should also be ready sometime this month.

The potato crop is looking good and will probably be ready at the beginning of August. Onions and carrots are looking good and should be ready to harvest September time.

Jobs around the farm are shifting from planting crops to harvesting them.