January In The Garden

We have been busy tidying up the property following our three weekends of Christmas Markets. We are open every day now, except Christmas day. It will be good to get back to doing some gardening. We still have leaves to clear to our compost heap.

As soon as the gardeners return from the holidays, we will be pruning our fig trees and ornamental vines. It is important to prune these early, as the pruning cuts can bleed sap if the job is left too late. We will quickly follow on with any pruning of birch and sycamore, as they can weep too as their sap starts to flow.

Next on our list of priorities will be any fruit tree pruning. All the trained cordon and espalier apple trees will also have the string ties replaced.

If you have any ground still to dig on allotments, vegetable gardens, or borders, take the opportunity of mild days to complete it. Work off some of those Christmas calories that may you have added. If the ground is frozen, you can still wheel out manure and place it about in handy heaps, ready to dig in.

We will be coppicing some of our hazel bushes on frosty mornings, to get the brushwood needed in the spring for sweet pea and climbing plant supports.

This is also a great time to have a clear out of the garden shed and greenhouse. Have you planned and placed your seed orders yet? Or, booked in your lawnmower for its annual service?