February 2014 News from the Farm

We shall be trying to catch up on field work this month. With the extreme wet weather conditions recently getting jobs done has been very difficult. We have posts and wire still to put up on our new strawberry rows which should produce a small crop this summer.

We should still have time to re plant some of our rhubarb once the ground does start to dry a little. We are having to split our existing rhubarb plants to create new plants as supply of new plants is limited due to the high demand. We are making good progress with the pruning and this should all be finished this month. Farm Manager Jim and his team will be taking some time out to further their qualifications and training at the local agricultural college.

Redecorating of the pick your own shed has already started. Planting of the table top strawberries will start in February which will produce some fruit early on in the season.

On the nature front, large flocks of lapwings have been seen in the area which are much bigger than have been seen in recent years.