August 2018 News From The Farm

Our maize maze opens on the 3rd August and we hope it will be lots of fun for our younger customers during the remainder of the school holidays.

Pick your own has finished now due to the very hot weather. The picking team will prune raspberries and weed crops this month ready for next season and will then finish until they are needed again next year. August is the time for our farm staff to take holidays before we start catching up on routine maintenance.

Currently available in the Farm Shop and homegrown in our fields are cauliflowers, broccoli and white, red, spring and Savoy cabbages.

The Pumpkin crop is growing really well ready for pick your own pumpkins in October and we have planted considerably more than we did last year. Carrots are coming along nicely and growing well under the current growing conditions. Sprouts too are looking like they will be a good crop again this year.

The new seasons potato harvest is just about to get underway with Marfona ready first, followed in the early autumn by Picasso. The onion crop will be ready to harvest by the end of the month and then will be left to dry. We will also be harvesting successive crops of cauliflower and broccoli right up to Christmas or the first really cold spell of weather, whichever happens first.