August 2013 Farm News

Pick your own will shortly be coming to an end and it is time to look back over the season and at ways to improve. Which strawberry fields we will keep for another 12 months and which ones we will plough up. We will definitely be planting new rhubarb and strawberries for next year.

Young pumpkinCourgettes and marrows are ready now; the pumpkins and squashes are growing well at the moment, really enjoying the sunshine and rain! Potato harvesting should start in mid-august and the onions and carrots will be ready towards the end of August.

There should be a continual supply of our own grown cauliflowers, cabbage and broccoli for the next few months.
Our tenant farmers will be harvesting wheat and barley shortly and there maize crops are growing well.

The goldfinches will be enjoying the weed seeds around the fields. Rabbits have increased in number this year and are causing quite a lot of damage to our crops. The yellow hammers have recently been heard singing in the hedgerows at Esp Hill Farm.