April 2018 News From The Farm

Spring is supposed to be here now! We still appear to be in the middle of Winter. The Lapwings have only just appeared over at Esp Hill Farm, they too are late for the time of year. Plant growth is very behind due to the recent cold and extremely wet weather we have been having.

Blackcurrants and gooseberries are just starting to show signs of new growth. There is also little sprigs of green on the strawberries. Asparagus may be a little late this year as we wait for the soil to warm up. We have cauliflower and cabbage plants ready to go in as soon as conditions allow. Potatoes, onions, peas and broad beans are also waiting to be sown.

The new strawberry plants for 2019 should also be going in by the end of the month, they are still in storage awaiting a spell of warmer weather.

The only crop we are actually harvesting this month so far is cauliflower. Our early rhubarb is not quite ready yet and our purple sprouting broccoli should be ready towards the end of this month.

While we wait for the weather to improve we are taking the opportunity to spring clean our workshop and carry out essential maintenance on our machinery.