April 2013 Farm News

Farmer JimDue to the extraordinary spring weather we have been ‘enjoying’! Everything on the farm is at least 1 month behind where it should be. The potatoes are several weeks off planting, as the ground is still too cold and wet. We haven’t started on the planting of the onions yet either.

The first of this year’s cauliflower and cabbage although growing well in the glass houses there is not enough growth to enable them to be planted out due to the low light levels.

We will start putting the covers on the table top strawberries next week but we are still concerned that if we do this and it continues to reach freezing temperatures the irrigation system will freeze up.

There is still a little pruning to finish but due to the snow we have been unable to finish this yet.

There was some positive news to come out of this month, Farm Manager Jim was able to take a few well-earned days off over the Easter break which he has never been able to do before!