September News from the Farm

Most of the fruit trees have now been trimmed and pruned ready for winter. Raspberries and table top strawberries were the last fruit to finish.

This is a busy time on the farm with lots of our produce being harvested for sale in the farm shop. Onion harvesting is now completed, here at Bellis’s we allow our onions to dry naturally in the field which you can tell by the weathering of their skins.

Cauliflowers are at their best in September being very tender and full of flavour and cabbages are also plentiful. At this time of year we grow spring, savoy, white and red cabbages. Potato harvesting will be carried out in late September and will be put into an insulated store to protect from the winter weather. Carrots are usually ready by the end of September. This is one of the hardest jobs at this time of year due to the weather conditions and back breaking nature of the job! Our pumpkins are growing nicely and will be ready in time for Halloween.