September Farm News

Onions have now been lifted and are drying ready for harvest in the next 10 days. The main potato harvest into the winter storage will start in about two week’s time. Pumpkins and squashes have improved considerably in the last couple of weeks so we should have a successful crop for the Halloween and Bonfire celebrations.

We have started to harvest the carrots and should be able to start selling them in sacks by the end of September. Sacks of potatoes should also be ready by the end of the month.

Cauliflower, cabbage and broccoli cutting will continue on schedule but there are still some disruptions in supply caused by the wet weather we had at planting time. Sprouts should be ready by the end of this month too. We are starting to catch up with the corn harvesting now that the land has dried up slightly.
Our resident lapwings have decided to up sticks and move their homes from the sprout field to a strawberry field. There are about 50 of them hanging out and performing for each other.