September 2015 News From The Farm

PotatoesOur new Maize Maze was a great success. It will be open again on the 24th to 31st October for PYO Pumpkins.

The main potato harvesting will start this month, although we have already started to lift some of the Marfonas. Onions will be drying in the store now ready for sale at the end of month.

Watch Farm Manager Jim harvesting the potatoes for our farm shop.

Our Pumpkins are growing nicely but still need plenty of sunshine to make sure they ripen fully ready for Halloween.

We will soon be selling our carrots, onions and potatoes by the sack, this is an excellent way of saving money by buying in bulk.

The seasonal Farm staff will soon be heading back to college for  the new term and the remaining team will be focusing on harvesting and grading the crops that are ready.

Winter cabbage and sprouts are heading to maturity and should  be ready by late October.

The maize crops are doing really well in our tenant fields and should be ready for cutting soon.