September 2014 News From The Farm

The onions should be drying in the store now ready for sale at the end of the month. The main potato harvesting will start on the 3rd week of September and they will be put into storage for the winter.

Watch Farm Manager Jim harvesting the potatoes for our farm shop.

pumpkin-fieldThe pumpkins are going to need every hour of sunshine that they can get to ripen fully so they are ready for Halloween. We will be harvesting carrots for sale by the sack, along with onions and potatoes, this is an excellent way of saving money by buying in bulk.

Farm Manager Jim would like to thank all of his summer staff as they all head off back to college for the new term. We are busy at this time of year harvesting and grading all the crops that are ready. The winter cabbage and sprouts are heading to maturity and should be ready by late October.

There haven’t been as many Kestrels around this year, perhaps this is due to the increase in Buzzards in the locality. The maize crops are doing really well in our tenant fields, they may be cutting slightly earlier this year. The corn harvest got off to a very good start but slowed up considerably in August so lets hope the remaining crops will be finished in early September.