November Farm News

It is now getting colder and darker as the start of the winter season descends on us.

Our sprouts are coming along nicely although the sizes are rather variable. Don’t worry they will be perfect by the time Christmas arrives!

We continue to harvest the carrots, cabbage and cauliflower. We have to be careful at this time of the year, as soon as the frost comes any white curd showing on the cauliflowers will be damaged. The cauliflowers can usually be harvested until Christmas but it is all very weather dependant.

Our crops have been early this year due to the warm weather; this pattern seems to be continuing as we move into the winter.

There is no planting taking place on the farm at the moment, just routine picking and storing. We are putting some of our cabbages in cold store this year as an insurance against the weather.

Now is the time to tidy your gardens and it is also the perfect time to tidy the farm. Hedge trimming is still taking place and we have made a start pruning the blackcurrants and gooseberries. The troughs for the table top strawberries are also being thoroughly cleaned in preparation for planting up in the spring.

There is some animal presence in the fields at the moment. Rabbits are enjoying nibbling at some of the crops, much to our dismay! In the evening we often see Canadian geese heading back to the river banks. Lapwings are hanging around the strawberry rows sheltering from the weather too!