November 2013 Farm News

onionWe are putting red cabbage into storage for the winter along with squash and pumpkins. The wet weather in October has left us behind in some jobs. We are busy grading potatoes and onions out of the store. We are picking carrots as often as we can but the wet weather really hinders the job.

We have made a start on some of the maintenance and repairs around the farm and there is still a lot of pruning to be done.

Once the ground has dried up a little there is still some ploughing to be done. We have started picking the first variety of sprouts and there will be plenty around in time for your Christmas dinner.

Cauliflowers are very good at the moment and we have plenty of cabbages including white, red, spring, savoy, tundra and soon there will be some January Kings ready.

Bulk buy ready for the winter season we have large sacks of potatoes, onions and dirty carrots are available in the farm shop at the moment.