News From The Farm


The Bellis Family have farmed land in Holt since the 1860s. Today we have a Market Gardening Farm growing a wide selection of fruit and vegetables for you to buy in the Farm Shop. This fresh produce is wonderful as it can go from field to shop in a matter of minutes and with zero food miles.

In the summer months we open some of the fields for Pick Your Own. Robert Sturrock our Farm Manager works hard through out the year to provide our customers with quality produce.

March 2018 News From The Farm

The onions from last year are now finished and we have a few pallets of potatoes left in the store. We still have plenty of January King, Savoy, Red and Tundra cabbages, but the White cabbage are starting to deplete now. They will finish some time this month.
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February 2018 News From The Farm

Winter ploughing is now completed and we can finally move onto all the machinery maintenance that is required in preparation for the busy planting season.
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January 2018 News From The Farm

January is a great month for your greens! We have plenty of homegrown Savoy, January King, Tundra, White and Red cabbages along with leeks and of course our delicious sprouts which are not just for Christmas!
Purple sprouting broccoli, cauliflowers, rhubarb and asparagus are all growing well.
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December 2017 News From The Farm

Most of December is devoted to getting the extra stock sorted for the Christmas demand. We have plenty of our homegrown cabbages at the moment but this will change as soon as we have any significant frosts. We continue to grade more potatoes and onions and have plenty in storage to last the winter.
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