May 2017 news from the Farm

Our homegrown delicious asparagus is ready and available in the Farm Shop now.

After a very mild Winter, Spring is moving along nicely. Lack of rainfall will start to cause problems for our newly established crops so we will have to consider starting irrigation soon.

So far the onions, peas, beans and sweetcorn have been sown. The first crop of carrots, cauliflowers, cabbage and broccoli have also been planted and the second crop will soon be done too. Early and main crop potatoes have been planted and all the strawberries are in. We have also planted a new crop of asparagus which won’t be mature enough for picking until 2019.

Strawberries are growing well in the fields and on the table tops. Gooseberries have set and are growing well as are most of our soft fruits. The Pick Your Own will be open mid June (subject to weather conditions). Keep an eye on our website for updates.

The maize maze will be planted this month along with the pumpkins. New for this year we will also be planting sunflowers.