May 2016 News From The Farm

Farmer JimAfter an extremely mild winter, February, March and April have been much colder and wetter. This has delayed work in the fields and has slowed plant growth. So far the onions have been sown but cabbage and cauliflower plants are waiting on the yard and the seed potatoes are still sitting in boxes in the store.

Strawberry growth is slow in the fields and on the table tops but there is plenty of time for them to catch up and be ready in June. Gooseberries are growing well as are most of our soft fruits. The Pick Your Own probably won’t be open until later on in the month of June. Keep an eye on our website for updates.

The asparagus is a little late but still could be ready for St. George’s Day (the traditional start for the asparagus season).

The pumpkins will be sown at the beginning of May ready for the Pick Your Own in October and we are sowing three times as many as last year!

The Maize Maze will be planted soon and should be ready for opening towards the end of July.