March Farm News

Our potatoes have now finished although we do still have a few sacks left to sell through the farm shop. We are still picking carrots but they too are in limited supply and will finish shortly.

The new seed potatoes have been delivered and will be planted this month. Onions, beans and peas will then follow. If the weather continues to improve we will be able to plant next year’s crop of strawberry plants, this year’s crops are already well established.

Pruning is nearly finished and so the farm is looking tidy. We are planting a new length of hedgerow here at Wrexham Road Farm just to tidy the borders of the fields around Pick Your Own.
Purple sprouting broccoli is ready and in the farm shop now – see our tasty recipe on the website. Timperley early rhubarb will be ready towards the end of March and the new rhubarb will be in the ground by the end of the month.

Our farming tenants will be sowing the spring barley after applying a generous mix of farmyard manure!
You can tell spring is the air with the arrival of a few new lambs in the adjoining fields. The buzzards are spiralling on the thermal current around the farmland and the lapwings are performing their airborne acrobats for all to admire.