March 2014 News from the Farm

Puple Sprouting Brocolli & cauliflowersOur purple sprouting broccoli is ready and available now in the farm shop, although yield will be a little less this year due to the continuous wet ground.

Overwinter cauliflower will be ready in about a month and is looking nice and healthy, we just need to be frost free now so they won’t get damaged.

The soil is still very wet and is holding up planting operations particularly the rhubarb which needs to be split in the next few weeks. We are also not ready to plant strawberries or potatoes due to the water logged ground. There are some signs of spring though, our local bee keeper is checking hives for signs of activity, and the lapwings are continuing with their noise and claiming of territories.

The pruning of the soft fruits has now finished and we have had chance to catch up on some general farm maintenance. Most of the damage from the recent storms has nearly been repaired and sorted. We lost quite a few very old trees which have been part of our landscape for many years.