June – Laying straw for strawberries

Along with the wide range of fruits on the farm we get asked a wide range of questions about all of the crops.

In particular, regular customers are often puzzled by the fact that the strawberries aren’t always in the same place and that their flavor seems to vary throughout the season.

Why aren’t they always in the same field?
We follow a strict crop rotation on the farm as many crops do not grow well if they are planted on the same field year after year. Pest and disease levels can build up and nutrients diminish leading to low yields and poor quality. Three years in the same field is enough for strawberries, then we will grow other crops on that field for 5 years before replanting new strawberries.

Why does the flavour vary throughout the season?
Strawberry flavour is influenced by many factors including soil type, moisture availability, sunshine and variety. Most strawberries seem to be a bit sweeter after a few days sunshine but each variety has its own unique flavour. We grow many varieties but favour those that give us a long growing season, are suited to our soil conditions and require minimum use of pesticides. We suggest you come picking as often as you can to try as may varieties as possible & then you can choose your favourite!

See our photos of straw being laid for the strawberries