June Farm News 2013

It is good to see the wildlife thriving after a long hard winter, the fledglings of lapwings and skylarks have been spotted in our fields.

Flowering Strawberries

Flowering Strawberries

Most crops are still at least two weeks behind. The wet weather in May has disrupted planting again, we try to plant a succession of cauliflowers and cabbage to ensure a continuous supply from July to Christmas, and so this year’s supply will be a bit erratic.

Our planting schedule is about a month behind, the onions and carrots have germinated and are looking well. The main crop potatoes are just starting to emerge from the soil. The strawberries and raspberries are flowering, blackcurrants, redcurrants and gooseberries are all carrying a good crop of fruit that are filling nicely. Pick your own will be open soon with strawberries ready first, peas and beans are growing well although a little late.

Sprouts will be planted this week so they will be ready for Christmas!