June 2015 News From The Farm

Strawberry punnetsStrawberries will be starting in the middle of June as the Asparagus season comes to an end. We hope that the Pick Your Own will be open mid June.

The Winter cauliflowers should still be ok until the middle of this month then there will be a gap before the summer crop will be ready. The Gooseberry crop looks promising and should also be ready mid June. Raspberries will be a little later, probably early July.

Potatoes, onions and carrots are growing well but a long way to go until they are ready.
We recently visited a progressive fruit farm in Cambridge which was organised by Horticulture Wales. We are hoping to be able to adapt some of the new techniques they are using to produce bigger and better crops.

Pumpkin plants are growing well undercover and will be planted out as soon as there is no further risk of any frost.

The skylarks nesting in the strawberry fields have now successfully hatched their young.
The lapwings are all sitting tight on their nests; we haven’t seen any hatch yet.