July Farm News 2013

GooseberriesThe weather is still a little unpredictable for the time of year although we are experiencing a mini heat wave right now! The Pick Your Own is now open and the strawberries have got off to a good start with plenty of fruit which will hopefully extend the season to August this year. Raspberries, blackcurrants and redcurrants will be ready very soon followed by peas, loganberries, tayberries and broad beans.

Pumpkins and courgettes are not growing particularly well as they prefer a more consistent warmer temperature, there is plenty of time yet though. We have had a lot of rabbit damage to our cauliflower and cabbage plants this year and have had to put in additional rabbit proof fencing. We will be planting more during the next week or so.

Potato crops have got off to a good start and are growing nicely, likewise the carrots and onions.

A hedgehog was spotted in the farmyard this week which is quite a rarity. There seems to be an increasing number of the greater spotted woodpecker too this year.