February Farm News

Our new gooseberry bushes are now all planted up and ready to grow. We just have the rhubarb to finish planting this month.

Throughout February we will continue to prune the raspberries and finish grading the potatoes. Carrot picking will also draw to an end; it has been back breaking work throughout the winter months! Sprouts are sadly coming to an end after a fantastic season. We hope you managed to try some?

Our purple sprouting broccoli will hopefully be ready sometime in February. The cauliflowers are also looking good but we need to keep our fingers crossed that we don’t get a hard frost which could cause damage.

High Winds Fell Oak Tree

In the recent high winds a huge oak tree fell at Esp Hill Farm, so there will be quite a bit of tree surgery going on this month to tidy up.

The blackbirds are especially vocal at the moment and we also have a resident barn owl that can be heard hooting away early in the morning.

The two big tractors, the Deutz and the Case have both been for their winter service. Sorry to all who were stuck behind me on the way to the garage as we only reach a maximum of 18 mph on the older tractor!

All of the farm machines will be having their winter servicing in preparation for spring cultivation. If we have any spare time we will be continuing our maintenance and repair of the fences, hedges and gateways.