February 2015 Farm News

We will be planting a new field of gooseberries and early rhubarb plants this month, they will need to establish and grow for at least a year before they will be ready for picking. The rhubarb that we planted last year will be in full production this summer. There is no sign of any growth on raspberries and currants yet. We have nearly finished tying all the raspberries and gooseberries and the blackcurrant’s still need pruning. We will be planting a new variety of raspberry called Octavia which will hopefully extend our season.

The stored onion crop will run out in about two weeks time. We have about 10 tonnes of potatoes in store so this should last us until the end of the month. We still have 4-6 weeks worth of carrots which are still in the ground. They should stay good unless we get a really cold spell. The sprouts will finish by about the middle of this month.

Cabbage supply is still good, plenty in the field and in the long term cold store for future use.

All the vegetable seeds for this year have now been ordered including a new variety of pumpkin called ‘Knuckle-head’. Marfona, Picasso and Mozart seed potatoes have been ordered along with a new one called Melody.

Pigeons have been causing a problem since mid January but we seem to be getting some control back now! A lot of the wildlife seem to be keeping out of the way, probably keeping warm. The lapwings have been seen out and about around the sprout fields.