December Farm News

Potato harvest is finally completed but yield is quite disappointing because of losses due to wet weather.

Carrot harvest is going well with plenty of good carrots still available. We are now grading onions from out of the store although external appearance is a bit weather beaten the quality and flavour is excellent.

Sprouts our favourite Christmas vegetables have suffered more slug damage than usual this year but the quality of the ones we are picking are second to none.

Cauliflower cutting should continue until the arrival of the first hard frost. Cabbage should continue throughout the winter unless we have an extremely cold spell below -5.

Wildlife news around the farm. Robins like to keep an eye on us at this time of year, I think we must disturb the insects whilst we are picking. Quite a few Gold Finches feeding on weed seed along the hedgerows. The Lapwings are still in residence on one of our strawberry fields too.
From the top of the telegraph poles Buzzards and Kestrels are often seen looking out for a small furry creature to catch.

Farm Manager Jim wishes all our customers a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.