December 2014 and January 2015 News From The Farm

Jim-&-DennisMost of December is devoted to getting the extra stock sorted for the Christmas demand. We will need to grade more potatoes and onions and dig up and bag a lot more carrots. Cauliflowers are all finished for this year, the next ones will be ready for March/April time if we have a mild enough winter.

Demand for Savoy, Tundra and White cabbage is going up steadily as the weather turns colder and the first sign of frost has doubled the demand for sprouts. We should have finished all the ploughing by Christmas and when we have any spare time there is plenty of pruning of fruit trees to be done.

Crops in general are growing quite quickly as it has been so mild and will continue to do so unless we get much colder weather.

January is always a quiet time of year with short days and unsettled weather and we don’t get as many outdoor jobs done as we would like to. We will carry on harvesting vegetable in the field until they run out or severe weather prevents us from cutting them.

We will hopefully have some time in January to do some of our indoor repairs and machinery maintenance.

We hope you enjoy our sprouts with your festive dinner and we wish you all a very ‘Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year’.