April 2012 News

Main crop potatoes have just been planted ready for harvest this autumn. Cauliflowers and cabbages ready for summer harvesting are soon to be planted. Towards the end of April we hope to see our asparagus emerging, maybe slightly earlier if the warm weather continues. Rhubarb is almost ready too. The Purple Sprouting Brocolli is growing really quickly due to the warm weather, this means we have an abundance of the crop ready all at once so we try to do special offers in the farm shop to increase sales.

With the recent warm weather we will have to start thinking about irrigation soon, our young strawberry plants will soon need watering.

As the ground has been prepared for planting potatoes, the lapwings have been flying around planning and plotting for their nesting season. Now that everything is finished they can lay and hatch in peace. Skylarks have also been heard which is a sign of a mild winter, last year we didn’t see many on the farm possibly due to the previous hard winter. We saw our first swallow today (29th March). This is the earliest we have ever seen one on the farm! Each year we take great delight in spotting the signs of spring.

Folklore says if you drop your trousers and sit on the ground and it is warm enough to be comfortable, then the soil is supposedly warm enough to sow carrots!

Our tenant farmers lambs arrived mid march and they seem to enjoy exploring at dusk when they pluck up the courage to venture away from their mothers.

Farm Manager Jim

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